Wisdom Hut


Toy Tubs!

Three tubs with six toys in each. Large buttons (for little fingers) drop each toy onto the screen.

Ever notice how some kids just like to line their toys up, and move them around. Toy Tub Friends allows them to do just that. They can drag one image at a time. Even when images are in a pile, the top image is always selected. Kids can also tap an image, then tap where they want it to go. The figure then scrolls across the screen! Drag a critter over the top of a tub to store things where you want. The "Cleanup!" button has a fun sound and returns everything to it's home tub. With a little help up front, kids and even toddlers should master basic movement rather quickly.

As much as possible, Toy Tub is designed to be parent free.  Once installed, toy tub does not require a Wi-Fi connection. Toy Tub also has no advertising or in-app purchases, making it a safer choice for kids and toddlers.  Let your toddler or preschooler have a few minutes of fun while you tend to other things. 


Super large Go button to get started. A catchy tune plays while the tubs are loaded.


A large "cleanup" button for starting over... or the simple fun of watching all of the critters zoom back to their home tub. 

Kid friendly features:

Android App
Toy Tub Friends